How WonderWriter Works


instructor-led interactive courses

WonderWriter Academy begins with online courses to improve writing skills. It fosters a variety of learning styles.


resources and motivating opportunities

Engaging resources, peer discussions and healthy competition helps communicators dig in and fully reap learning.


valuable coaching throughout the year

Organizations are changed from the inside out as a result of the application of new behaviors and knowledge learned through coaching and higher retention.

Who it’s for

Seasoned Communicators

who need to be invigorated with new creative ideas and learn the latest digital writing trends

Novice Communicators

who need the fundamentals around storytelling, brand building, and digital writing trends

Other Healthcare Professionals

who have authentic stories to share and/or want to enhance their communications

Learn from real-world healthcare writers

We’ve carefully selected some of the most trusted, experienced healthcare writers to teach your teams. With decades of experience in healthcare settings, they bring their knowledge, passion and stories to further the development of others.

Karla Webb

Karla adores applying her 30 years of healthcare communication experience to create content solutions. Since she’s been “client-side” as a hospital PR and marketing director, she understands how important storytelling and peer editing are.

Rebecca Sims

Rebecca wields her 20+ years of agency, healthcare and digital experience to boost content capabilities. She shares her love of learning with the talent she trains and teaches to be experts in all things healthcare.

Christy Pretzinger

Christy has been creating engaging, high quality content for healthcare organizations for more than 14 years. She’s proud to offer hospitals, academic medical centers and affiliated healthcare organizations the content that sets them apart from their competitors.

It's simple.

We make WonderWriter Academy simple in a complicated world. It's a set-aside time that communicators look forward to, allowing them to engage and grow.

Save the dates.

WonderWriter courses build conceptually from one module to another, so for the most robust learning experience, we recommend that learners attend all live classrooms.

Attend one class (module) every other week. 

Every other Monday, WonderWriter posts a new module. This kicks off the topic your team will dive into over the next two weeks.

Complete assignments.

Reading and writing assignments help solidify the current lesson. The average student spends 4-6 Hours per month

It’s fun.

Fun strengthens learning. WonderWriter Academy fosters relationships and injects meaning into students’ work, making learning positive and rewarding.


Students earn badges for each course and action completed, like completing tests or commenting in discussions. Get a few points for just logging in or get a load of points for earning a certification. Whether it’s a little or a lot, or anything in between, it all adds up.

Healthy competition.

The leaderboard is the hot topic daily! See how your team’s badges stack up against each other and other organizations.

Private discussions.

Students get and give ongoing support and help when your team joins a group of peers who continue to connect after the initial 14 weeks.

Peer coaching.

When we teach, we learn. That’s what happens when students have a chance to work with others to enliven the brand, project the voice and give and receive peer coaching.

It’s effective.

Learning is best when it’s interactive and provides results. WonderWriter Academy includes the ultimate in choice and positive reinforcement, so students are motivated to dive right in and keep coming back.

All learning styles.

There is no wrong learning style, but traditional programs favor learners who sit and listen. Our program fosters a variety of learning styles and meets the needs of the full scope of your workforce.

Best-practice sharing.

Learners share screen time with professionals from other prominent hospitals, getting insider information and sharing best practices.

Year-long access.

Multiple ways to engage with the curriculum helps ensure learning is memorable and sticky. Every tool, tip, resource, practice, assignment and training module is available for a full year.


Without any additional learning reinforcement, learners may only retain 5% of what they hear*. WonderWriter Academy includes ongoing reinforcement, and our users show a 90% retention rate.

*Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

What your team will learn

Maximizing Digital

How to write for various channels and formats across SEO, social, web, email, and advertising

Telling Stories

How to capture and tell stories of care and compassion in plain language

Building Connections

How to effectively convey brand and speak with one voice through peer coaching

Engaging Physicians

How to drive social action to earn doctors' buy-in and bring about change

WonderWriter Academy creates better writers.

Let us prove it.

Love it, or it’s free.

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