WonderWriter Academy has a cadre of guest speakers who share their expertise in the live classrooms. Each speaker is a healthcare communicator with, on average, more than 15 years of experience. Healthcare writing is what they do — all day, every day. And they share one goal: improve the professional and personal development of healthcare communicators in organizations all over the country.

Guest speakers share real-world experience learners can relate to and offer personalized coaching to students. The result is engaged learners who reach their full potential.

Christy Pretzinger, Founder and CEO

Christy has been creating engaging, high quality content for healthcare organizations for more than 14 years. She’s proud to offer hospitals, academic medical centers and affiliated healthcare organizations the content that sets them apart from their competitors.

Eisha Armstrong, Academy Instructor

Eisha brings two decades of experience creating executive education products. She is a business leader with expertise in product innovation and product portfolio management. With an MBA from the Harvard Business School and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Kansas, she is as versatile as she is creative.

Rebecca Sims, Coach for "Using Plain Language"

Rebecca wields her 20+ years of agency, healthcare and digital experience to boost content capabilities. She shares her love of learning with the talent she trains and teaches to be experts in all things healthcare.

Karla Webb, Coach for "Storytelling"

Karla adores applying her 30 years of healthcare communication experience to create content solutions. Since she’s been “client-side” as a hospital PR and marketing director, she understands how important storytelling and peer editing are.

Melanie Graham, Coach for "Writing for Social"

Melanie has been in the content-creating game for about 9 years. Her experience has made her a wiz in writing, digital and social media content, and content marketing. Along her journey, she has proudly created a podcast and live video platform from scratch for a hospital.

Lyn Engle, Coach for "Patient Stories"

Lyn’s a life-long ‘word nerd’ who is seldom without a pen at hand. She loves helping clients and writers craft engaging content that supports brand strategy. And she can’t believe she works for a company whose name so perfectly captures her ‘brand.’

Timothy Warren, Coach for "Writing for Digital - SEO"

Timothy has been passionately working in SEO and Digital Marketing for the last 8 years. As a business leader, he is an expert in digital marketing and has leveraged systems to take organizations to the next level. He believes that the future of SEO starts with marketers and engineers working side by side.

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