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WonderWriter Academy was inspired by the proven and trusted curriculum of the WriterGirl Academy, a virtual program that WriterGirl has used to train and certify hundreds of writers. WriterGirlour sister company, is the leader in healthcare content, and the WriterGirl Academy has been a key to its success.

WriterGirl has specialized in healthcare content since 2005, and during that time, WriterGirl CEO Christy Pretzinger began hearing her hospital and healthcare clients talk about the need for robust writing training. With a background in training and development, Christy started connecting some dots. Why not build a virtual training program for healthcare communicators, one targeted specifically to the needs of hospital and healthcare organizations? The result is WonderWriter Academy.

Health journeys are personal, yet they have the power to console families and inspire communities through compelling content. The best storytellers grab and keep your attention. Healthcare writers must do that amidst tight schedules, meetings, content backlogs, competing business priorities and an ever-changing marketplace.

WonderWriter Academy is a great opportunity to benefit from powerful lessons learned and train up your entire team of healthcare communicators.

What’s the biggest writing challenge you face? Do you have ideas for future healthcare writing courses? Please drop us a line at hello@wonderwriter.com to share your thoughts or ask questions about WonderWriter Academy. We’re here to help.

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