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You want to improve your team’s writing. You’ve tried workshops and webinars here and there, but nothing seems to hit the mark.

WonderWriter Academy is the only year-long training program focused solely on healthcare. The program creates better writers through a curriculum that teaches both novice and seasoned writers how to generate high-impact communication throughout your organization.

Nine courses, offered with full access to all materials for an entire year, create an environment that encourages learning retention. Small drips of content throughout the course reinforce new skills and keep learners engaged.

Let us prove it.

Love it, or it’s free.

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WonderWriter Academy was inspired by the proven and trusted curriculum of the WriterGirl Academy, which our sister company, WriterGirl, has used to train hundreds of writers. WriterGirl is the leader in healthcare content, with more than 100 content experts serving more than 400 healthcare organizations globally.

How It Works

Year-Long Applied Learning. Only Healthcare. WonderWriter Academy emulates the McKinsey Model for the Future of Effective Corporate Learning


Instructor-led online course focusing on fundamentals encourages dedicated time out of the “daily grind.”

  • Engage in 9 interactive workshops that conceptually build upon each other
  • Hear from guest speakers who are professional healthcare writers
  • Experience practical application of course content


Stay up-to-date with topics like storytelling, physician engagement, SEO, interviewing subject matter experts and more.

  • Learn from cloud-based, self-guided resources and tools, in addition to the interactive courses
  • Complete healthcare-specific exercises to earn points and badges
  • Access a vast resource library to ensure retention of new skills


Experience a culture of social-learning, real-time feedback, sharing and networking.

  • Gain insights from instructor feedback and coaching
  • Connect and build relationships through peer coaching
  • Share experiences through class discussions
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Let us prove it.

Love it, or it’s free.

WonderWriter Academy is normally an unlimited user, unlimited access, organization-wide business model.

But for a limited time only, you can enroll one user to sample the experience. That user will have access to the entire program of 9 courses — including the self-paced online course, all supplemental materials, and the facilitator-led webinar with a professional coach — at a one-time price of $889. That equates to only $99 per course

At the end, we guarantee you’ll want more.

You’ll see that having one cohesive program for your team members means no more one-off training programs that just don’t hit the mark. At the end of your sample program, we’re convinced you’ll want to magnify the results by unleashing the program to your entire team.

If you don’t, we’ll give you your money back. All we ask in return is for 30 minutes of your time sharing your experience. 

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