Cookies and milk. A childhood favorite. Maybe even an adulthood favorite. It’s simple, tastes good, and hits the spot when you need it. It’s not complicated. Pick your favorite cookie. Grab some milk. Dunk that bad boy and enjoy. It’s simple.

While enjoying my milk and cookies I was reminded of how complicated writing can be. In the attempt to say what we want to say in a meaningful way, sometimes it gets complicated. So instead of getting our point across we confuse the reader even more. Why? Why do we try to make things so complicated?

I fall into this group at times and I have discovered that it’s because I am trying to write for the sake of sounding good. I’m trying to sound like a writer (whatever that means). So what could have been a paragraph is stretched out into a page of “big words” and multiple ways of saying the same thing. So what should be something as simple and satisfying as milk and cookies becomes a full dessert bar where you don’t even know where to start.

So remember milk and cookies next time you’re writing. Keep it simple. Simple is often more satisfying because it’s comforting, reassuring, and uncomplicated.