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Narrowing down my tools, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Blackwing 602 is one of my favorite pencils to use. Out of all the pencils that I have, I think I reach for this pencil the most. A rebirth of the original Blackwing 602 by Eberhard Faber, the Palomino version gets it pretty close to the original in terms of look and feel. A soft core with an interesting ferrule iconic to the pencil. It is a great pencil.

It writes dark with very little pressure (darker with my heavy hand) and retains a point well so that sharpening doesn’t happen every few lines. On average, I can get two good pages of writing on a legal pad before having to sharpen. Plus, it just looks cool.


A bit pricier than your average pencil but well worth the extra cha-ching for a great experience.


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