Learning from Hayao Miyazaki (Short)

  Lately, I’ve been in study mode. Reading some informative and inspirational books, blogs, and articles, and watching some documentaries on creative people. I haven’t completely taken a break from writing but more of my time has been devoted to learning and filling up my creativity pot so that I can dish it out when […]

The Importance of Pocket Notebooks

“Stephen King doesn’t write ideas down because he believes that if he doesn’t remember the idea later, then it wasn’t interesting enough to be in a book.  You are not Stephen King.”–Warren Ellis I love this quote. It keeps it real. The quote comes of Warren Ellis’ blog post about the importance of keeping a […]

Pencil Love

“A pencil and a dream can take you anywhere” – J.A. Meyer I enjoy pencils. Not because I’m a luddite or some hipster diving into the past to make something old cool. No, I just like the pencil and its usefulness as a tool. It is a tool that has survived the times and continues […]